Aliens Have Already Decided We`re Stupid, Says Astrophysicist

Have you ever wondered whether or not extraterrestrials have made contact with the Earth yet? Well aliens have already decided we're stupid, says astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the man behind the narration of the Cosmos series. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a respected astrophysicist and is responsible for communicating the latest scientific space discoveries to the wider public. He has his own TV series and multiple videos where he breaks down complex theories and research into easy to understand and simple terms. His hit TV series was originally intended for a younger audience, but can be appreciated by all people young or old. It walks you through all the different planets and their formations, and presents all the information in a visually stunning way that will get you hooked. So if you are interested in learning about space consider checking it out for yourself.

While he may seem quite smart to any one of us, according to him, aliens might not agree. He believes it's possible that aliens have already made contact with the earth, and that they came and went assuming there was no intelligent life to be found. This means they came here and poked around only to determine we were all too stupid to be considered worthy of their time. Can you imagine what that moment looked like? Alien comes down to Earth, wonders what all the strange creatures walking around are, decides they seem like primitive beings that have no capacity to communicate... and so they shouldn't be bothered to talk to them. I mean I can admit if they saw us doing certain things, it would seem a bit odd. From the sports we play, to the way we work, sing, dance, or play. Of course we like to think we're quite the clever creatures, after all if you compare our habits to the rest of the animal kingdom in many ways we are quite sophisticated.

Of course whether aliens actually came and decided this is all a matter of debate and may be very far from the truth. But then again, it might also be completely valid. The hard part is knowing for sure. Even for him it's all a matter of speculation, and while his guess may be an educated one, it's still difficult to prove anything. He believes they may have come here a long time ago, without us even realizing it, and then they continued on their space journey to the next planet to check whether or not any intelligent life forms existed.

So what do you think? Is it possible that aliens have actually visited Earth in the past, and that they left concluded we were too stupid to be bothered? It's an interesting thought to entertain, but at the end of the day it changes our day to day lives very little. In the meantime we can think about all the possibilities, and continue watching our sci-fi movies because that's as close as we're getting to seeing aliens for now.

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