All About Flaxseed, The Nutrient-Packed Seed You Should Be Eating

Are you eating the healthiest foods? You will totally want to learn All About Flaxseed, The Nutrient-Packed Seed You Should Be Eating. Healthy food is a part of living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to be healthier overall, then it must start with what you eat. In our fast paced society, it can be hard to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need in a day and some people find it hard to even find the time to eat a healthy well balanced meal at all. There are many foods that fill us up, but that lack the nutritional value that is needed to be healthy. All of the processed and packaged foods that are geared toward convenience are usually devoid of nutrition, and filled with so many preservatives that aren't the best for our bodies health. Eating healthy does require a bit more time and preparation as well as some learning to understand what will work for you and what won't, but in the end it is all worth it because you feel great. Just imagine how good you would feel to limit your intake of take out and processed prepackaged foods, and committed to eating healthy food like more vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. There are so many amazing foods that come from the Earth itself that are each attuned to our biochemical make up that compliment and nourish our human bodies. Earth provides the healthiest foods known to man.

You have to love nature, there is a cure for every illness that can be found in plant medicines and the food we eat. Even things that people have been told to consider weeds, like dandelions are such a great source of vitamins and minerals. There are reasons for every plant that is grown on the Earth. For example, when you look at healthy food like a carrot for example, you can remember your parents telling you that carrots are good for your eyes. This is because carrots have vitamin A which supports eye health. You can also look at a carrot and see that when you cut it open, the slices resemble an eye ball. Pretty neat hey? Or how about a tomato, when you slice it open it looks kind of like an anatomical heart doesn't it? Well guess what? Tomatoes are good for your heart. So its fun to appreciate nature and all of the beautiful plants we are provided with.

One of the healthiest foods to include in your meals is flax seed. Flax seed is a seed that belongs to the nut family. It does actually have a nut like flavour too. You can use flaxseed whole to sprinkle on salads or in smoothies, or you can use it ground up into a meal and also use it as a topping or even as an egg replacement when you can't eat eggs. Many vegan recipes call for egg replacer, and a great egg replacer is some ground flaxseed mixed with some water and left to thicken. It works like a charm to add to your cookies when you are baking to bind the dough together. Also, ground flaxseeds are easier to digest and get the health benefits. You can purchase them ground or grind them up yourself at home with a coffee grinder. Its nice to add some flaxseed to your cereal in the morning or to pancakes as well. Flax seed is a water soluble fibre which means that it absorbs water easily and it takes longer to digest which in turn helps you to feel full for longer. It can also really help with digestion of food. Check out more information on this healthy food at Bon Appetit a great source for health and food information.*

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