All About Spirulina, The Smoothie-Boosting Superfood Of The Sea

If you like to live healthy and want to amp up your nutrition with a new awesome food give spirulina a try. All About Spirulina, The Smoothie-Boosting Superfood Of The Sea. With all of the new health foods being promoted, you might not know where to begin when you hear of year another healthy food. Don't worry, you're not alone if you feel overwhelmed by all of the new health foods and living healthy information out there. There is a lot to absorb, which is why people go to school for nutrition, homeopathy or naturopathy to learn about all of the amazing foods on our planet and how to use them. But you don't have to be going to school for one of these careers to learn about healthy food and living healthy. You can just do the research for yourself because you care so much about your own body and want to know all you can about how it works and what foods are best for it to thrive. Each person is different in some regards, and we all have differences when it comes to what our bodies will thrive with. This is why you just have to be your own laboratory and experiment with what works best for you and what really doesn't. Remember to always seek professional help if you need more assistance as well.

There is a craze about the word superfood right now, but in truth all natural foods that come from the earth could be considered super foods. The earth produces foods that are biochemically designed to benefit our natural systems that are a part of nature itself. Nature is a very intelligent system where everything works symbiotically, and if we use the plants that are provided from nature to benefit us, we can enjoy healthy lives full of wellness. Of these amazing super foods is spirulina. If you have never heard of spirulina before you may be wondering what the heck it is and where it comes from. Spirulina is essentially a type of algae that grows in fresh water environments and it has a lot of nutritional value to both humans and animals. You might think that eating algae sounds horrible, but it is far from horrible for us. This algae is packed with tons of nutrients and amazing vitamins in a highly concentrated form, meaning that you don't need to eat a lot of this stuff to get the nutrients from it.

Spirulina is mostly farmed since is it now being mass produced for world wide distribution. The algae is grown in freshwater environments and then it is strained and dried out under the sun so that it becomes a nice fine powder with a rich dark greenish blue colour. The powder can be used in capsule form or taken in powder form. The powder form is able to be added into smoothies as the title of this article suggests, which is a great way to incorporate healthy food into your lifestyle. You can add in spirulina to a smoothie made of avocado, banana, honey and almond milk for a creamy and delicious treat, or you can simply make a banana smoothy with greens and spirulina or a mango and greens smoothie with spirulina. It might taste a little like sea weed if you add too much in, so be careful about your portions in smoothies. You can also mix this powder into a glass of water and drink it as you normally would drink a glass of water. So are you ready to learn even more about spirulina on the Bon Appetit website? Check out the full article and learn more, and then try some out for yourself. You never know you might end up loving it.*

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