All That Greasy Fat.. Want to Know The Genius Way to Lean Up Your Beef?

Do you love helpful hacks? You will want to watch Video Easiest Way to Remove Grease From Cooked Ground Beef. This simple food hacks idea will save you from having to do so many dishes, and is easy to do. When it comes to cooking ground beef recipes, there is always a point when you have to deal with the grease that comes off the ground beef. You can't just pour it down the kitchen sink, as it will clog your drain. Most people use a strainer and put it into a jar to worry about getting rid of later, but that leaves a whole other mess to clean up. This kitchen hack idea for removing grease from cooked ground beef is easy to do and without a lot of mess. Simply fold up a paper towel, put it into the grease and let it do the work for you. This simple DIY kitchen hacks idea will get rid of the grease for you. You will probably need at least two to four paper towels depending on how much grease there is in your pan. Be careful that you don't burn yourself as the grease will most likely still be hot, and use a spatula to flip over the paper towel to get rid of as much grease as possible. Use the spatula to pick up the grease filled paper towel and put it on the meat tray. You can then dispose of the grease and paper towels in your kitchen compost bin.

Depending on the type of ground beef you buy there will be some ground beef that has less fat than others. When you purchase extra lean ground beef if it is a good quality of meat you may not even have to drain off any or much grease. The type of ground beef you purchase may also make a difference. Free range grass fed ground beef ensures that the cows are not fed with corn or a soy based diet. Beef that is from free range cows are animals that have been raised on grass pasture. The cows have a diet full of nutrient-rich grasses and pasture forage. Hopefully, the cows also have been able to get some fresh air and some outdoor time to graze. When you eat beef that comes from happy cows, you can feel better about what you eat and know that the quality of beef is also better. Do you notice the amount of grease in your ground beef being different depending on the type of ground beef you purchase?

You might wonder what all the talk about grass fed beef is, and wonder why more and more people prefer this type of beef. When it comes time for cows to be moved to feedlots, there are some that will go to conventionally raised lots where they are often given drugs and hormones to help them grow faster, along with antibiotics to survive the unsanitary living conditions until they are ready to be used for meat. To compare those cows with grass-fed cows, who may get to live on grassland for the remainder of their lives. So generally speaking, grass-fed cows eat mostly grass, while grain-fed cows eat mostly corn and soy during the latter part of their lives. This kitchen hack for the easiest way to remove grease from cooked ground beef can be found on the "SupaFlyFatGuy 859" YouTube channel. This is just one of the food hacks you will find. Other topics you will find on this YouTube channel include preparedness, recipes, kitchen hacks, tips, tricks, how to's, life hacks, diy kitchen hacks and so much more. *

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