Almond Crusted Salmon

You know, it can really be a hit or miss with seafood, if you get a bad piece it might just taste old and fishy. But the opposite is also true, and with this almond crusted salmon recipe, make sure you source the best and freshest salmon you can find! Because fresh is always the best. Often times you can ask the local grocer how the fish was processed, whether it came fresh from the water, or it's been frozen for quite some time. Of course salmon season is the best time to eat this amazing health food, but even if you don't make it at this time, it will just be that much better when you do!

Usually, you can find salmon in a couple of different ways. It is either wild, meaning that someone went out into the wild, and caught it in it's natural environment. The other option, is farmed fish. This means that the fish are kept in aquariums and very constricted habitats, which is not very nice at all. The fish are basically factory farmed because of supply and demand. The demand is high for salmon, so they need to supply it at a higher rate than they can by just catching it in the wilderness. So this is why it is really important that you read the signs by your salmon too, so you can see if it is indeed factory farmed, or wild and fresh from it's natural habitat.

This almond crusted salmon recipe is incredibly simple to make, which of course is exactly what you need during a hurried weeknight summer meal. I mean okay, it's great to have an elaborate dinner, but with the heat of the summer, sometimes it's just unbearable to withstand any unnecessary heat, like that from the oven or the stove top. Now if you are lucky enough to have a barbecue at home then you can choose to grill the salmon too. All you need to do is wrap these little morcels of fish in tinfoil, proceed to mix the sauce ingredients in the recipe, pour over the fish, bake, and that's it!

There is barely any prep, and very little cleaning, since you use tin foil to cook it in and not a pan. Plus, you can count on a whole lot of flavour from this meal. Considering the health benefits of fish, this meal will not only be incredibly easy to make, but it's also packed with nutrients to keep you feeling and looking great! Salmon is a great, lean protein, that has so many health benefits. First of all, it has amazing omega fatty acids, as well as a great protein content. The fish also has a lot of healthy fats in it, which is great for your skin, hair and nails. Plus, salmon barely needs anything to taste great, like with this recipe! The almonds also add a lot of great nutrients! If you're like me and you're looking forward to making this almond crusted salmon recipe, then wait no longer, just click on the link below and you will be instantly redirected to the "Taste and Tell Blog" website.

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