Amazing Microwave Peanut Brittle

If you are looking for a great sweet treat, then look no further for the perfect step-by-step instructions for cooking quick and easy brittle, with this amazing microwave peanut brittle recipe. With simple household ingredients, such as raw peanuts, sugar, and corn syrup, you can conveniently make peanut brittle for yourself and your family, while avoiding spending money on pre-made peanut brittle. Or even wasting time with more complex recipes with this super quick and easy to follow recipe. You simply combine the ingredients and microwave them together on high for a few minutes and voila, you have your perfect delicious peanut brittle with hardly any effort at all. If you do it right you should get a light brown brittle colour and seamlessly mixed ingredients that you can spread on a cookie sheet and let cool until it is ready to serve.

Some recipes are so much easier to make in the microwave. Or even just made by baking in your own oven. Its so great that there are awesome recipe and food blogs like this particular one called Amy Lynn's Kitchen. She has a ton of recipes for many different things, including sweets of course! She also has great dinner, lunch, appetizer and breakfast recipes, as well as salad, bread, condiments, soups, and much more! Amy also has a You Tube channel, where you can watch her recipe how to videos, which can make things a lot easier when you are trying to make something. This just makes it so much easier for people to watch someone making a recipe while you make it. Like they are right there helping you make it! Something like this microwaved peanut brittle is really super simple to make, so it should take no time at all!

Peanut brittle is a sweet and salty culinary treat, that has been around over a hundred years. With many people attributing it to a Southern cook in the US in 1890, who may have accidentally mixed in baking soda and peanuts into her taffy recipe, which inadvertently turned into tasty brittle that ended up tickling her tastebuds, and went on to super stardom. Whoever you ask, one thing is for sure, peanut brittle was most likely the first ever confectionary to be invented, and for good reason as it remains one of the most delicious desserts out there. In any case I'm certainly very happy that it was invented, as it is one of the best combinations of flavour I've ever experienced, but maybe I'm just especially partial to sweet and salty cooking creations. Now still one of the best confectionary treats, this recipe makes it so easy that anyone can make them, all you need is a microwave and household cooking ingredients.

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