Amazing Tiny Houses That Make Downsizing Look Good

Replacing the mentality of 'bigger is better' is the mantra 'simplicity is beauty". These amazing tiny houses make downsizing look good, making small house living look appealing to even the most skeptical of people. While tiny houses may not suite everyone, there are surely a growing number of people who absolutely adore them and would do anything to get to live in one. For a lot of people, this means being able to ditch their mortgage, or get out of a run down apartment and own something of their own for less each month. Small house living can cost a fraction of what a normal mortgage costs in the city. Tiny house cost is usually about a quarter, or less of the cost of a conventionally sized house when it comes to the cost to build a house. Number one, because a tiny house takes far fewer materials to build, and it doesn't require a lot of labour. Many people build their own small house design which saves them a lot in the process, plus it gives them the satisfaction of building their own home and the pride that comes with that also.

If you're one of the many people who have been captivated by small house design, seeing these 100 tiny houses from Housely will inspire and excite you. Perhaps you're even in the process of designing your own tiny house. In that case, seeing a list of tiny houses like these will keep you motivated toward your goal and give you some design ideas to add to your collection. Having a Pinterest account is a great way to compile all of your small house design ideas in one place so you can go back and view all of your photos and design ideas. The houses in this list are very diverse and unique. There are tiny houses on wheels, tiny houses on foundations and even tiny houses on stilts. A lot of them are very simple, modern designs that just look like smaller versions of a larger conventional house, and others are very rustic looking, like a cute little wood cabin. Then there are very artistic ones that are created in strange shapes with a very unconventional design, which shows anything is possible and that if you can dream it, it can be created. One of the most fascinating designs is the tiny house that appears to be made out of mirrors or some other reflective siding so that the surrounding landscape is reflected back into the house. It creates the illusion that there's just a wooden door out in nature and doesn't take away from the natural beauty of the space.

Tiny houses on wheels are a wonderful option because you can just move them as needed. People who have jobs that are always keeping them on the go have a hard time relocating time after time. But small house design put on wheels makes it easy to take home with you wherever you go making moves that much easier and less stressful. When people own land of their own, it can sometimes be too big of a financial burden to build a large house, so instead, people could build a smaller house on their land because tiny house cost is significantly less. They could just live in that for the rest of their days or live in it while they save up and build their dream home. Most of the small house living arrangements in this great collection of photos are out in nature, showing you how beautiful living a simple life can truly be. Enjoy looking through all of the photos and be sure to save the ones that really speak to you.***

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