Amazing Tree Table

Do it yourself backyard projects are always rewarding. Everyone enjoys a wooden bench or picnic table during the summer months in the backyard. This one is an Amazing Tree Table that can seat a large family. It is also made out of wood and is a sturdy addition to the backyard. Also when you make wooden furniture, you are using a sustainable resource, wood! Wood is not just sustainable, it is salvageable and its is so easy to build projects reusing and recycling wood. The natural elements of the wood are appealing - beautiful earthen tones and woody hues, and soft natural forms to work with. Using stripped log for furniture pieces is a way to ensure that the result is custom and bespoke, as each piece will never be the same. Salvaging wood is done in many different ways: from wood pallet doors and floors, to modern rustic log furniture, up-cycling wood has become a popular trend in interior design. Rustic-chic furniture, paired with natural themed accessories and design hardware, (drawer pulls in shape of twigs rocks). Adding rock elements to interior design is a nice touch as well. Granite slab counter-tops or limestone walls, makes a edgy and modern design come to life. Natural elements are beautifully showcased by adding sky lights and large windows to showcase a view. Adding plant life to every room not only purifies the air, but adds color and scent.

It is simple to re-claim wood and re-purpose it throughout the house and backyard. Gazebos or outdoor log furniture can be made, like a bench and a swing and a few planters made out of logs. Click the facebook link below to see this awesome table!

If you are the creator of this table please email us as we would love to give you credit and a direct link.

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