Amazing Way to Remove Stuck-On Rice From Your Pot with Soap and Vinegar

Rice is a staple dish across the globe. It's simple, delicious, and diverse. You can eat it as a side dish all on its own, flavored with chicken brother and spices, creamed in a classic mushroom risotto, cold and rolled into sushi, mounded under a pile of steaming stir fry, or even sweetened and stirred into a delicious rice pudding: the possibilities are endless. However, all those dishes start in the same place...with a pot of water and a bag of rice. A perfectly simple ingredient. Unfortunately, because it is so simple to's also very simple to forget about. While you're busy sautéing the salmon, or browning the mushrooms, or flipping the pages of your recipe book, the rice continues to bubble and boil unattended in the background. In minutes, your rice turns from perfectly fluffy to chewy and stuck to the pan in a messy irremovable lump. Burnt rice not only ruins dinner, but adds insult to injury by being seemingly impossible to scrub off the bottom of a pot. Well, as it turns out, all that elbow grease isn't necessary at all. In fact, the solution is to cook the rice even longer...wait, what? That's right. Grab that nasty burnt pot, add a good squeeze of regular dish soap, a splash of plain white vinegar, and fill the pot 1/3 full with water. Place the filled pot back on the burner, and boil for a few minutes. Carefully pour the contents of the pot into the sink and voila! All that burnt on rice should slip right off into the sink. Anything left in the pot can be easily wiped away with a cloth. This method will also work for pasta and other starchy foods that were meant to be boiled but ended up burnt. Just repeat the steps above, and save yourself the time consuming and ineffective task of "letting it soak". To watch this technique in action, take a look at the link below to the Youtube video.

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