Amazing Wood Sculpture- 27 Pics

Woodworking is the skill or ability to sculpt, create and make items using wood as your primary material. Some known forms of it are carpentry and wood carving. It's much harder than molding clay since you won't be able to use your bare hands, but much easier than rock since the material is much more brittle. Even early humans used wood for their tools and weapons. A good woodworker would know which type of wood he will use for the project he has in mind. Basically, there are three (3) types of wood; hardwood, softwood and man-made wood such as plywood. Hardwoods are harder to carve since they are much harder, but they can last longer and have a certain gleam about the wood. Most wood sculptors prefer hardwood, especially for big projects.

Wood offers an appeal, beauty, and intricacy in the grain that often shows even when it is painted. While carving wood, woodworkers usually use a chisel and mallet or carving knives. Woodworking is very precise and detailed, especially when it comes to carving. It's amazing how a woodworker can create life-like sculptures with such defined details. The article below shows photos of some of this amazing form of art. You'll be amazed at how life-like and realistic some of the wood sculptures are. The details make them seem real and alive, especially the animal sculptures.

I believe that the artists of these amazing wood sculptures are genuinely talented. The skill and patience required to create such masterpieces must be absolute. My favorites are the owl wood sculptures and the sculptures formed as hands. Although wood does not last as long as other sculpting materials because it can rot, dry rot, burn and be prone to insect invasion, the beauty of the finished product is sure to last a lifetime.

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