Amazingly Beautiful Painting of Old Homestead is Much More Awesome Than it Seems

Two for one! We all love a good deal and this amazingly beautiful painting of old homestead is much more awesome than it seems. With two pictures in one painting it is a trick and a treat for the eyes. Ukrainian born artist, Oleg Shuplyak specializes in optical illusion paintings. Each one of his spectacular pieces features a hidden face within the incredible nature scene. What started out as studying and training in architecture, which was Oleg's second love, his first love blossomed and grew. It was here he learned the art and technique of composing pictures and positioning other images in it, creating an optical illusion. Featured on 'Off Grid World', this amazing painting will capture your attention, fascination and curiosity.

'Off Grid World' is full of insightful and inspiring ways to help clean up the earth and to living sustainably. Check out stories of off grid living, view off grid cabins and follow the latest news and developments in the off grid world. Learn how to homestead, garden and create any number of do it yourself projects. Peruse the renewable energy section for ideas and information on how to use solar, wind, hydro and geothermal to help you live sustainably and/or off grid. Do you love exploring, backpacking, hiking and camping? There is a whole section dedicated to outdoor pursuits. Perhaps it is the nature scene, or the fact that the cottages in the picture are off grid that this painting has been featured.

A shepherd with a white billowy top sits and rests amongst the tall grass. Sheep graze and rest nestled side by side near by. Blue, yellow and white flowers dot the countryside. The dirt path leads to the white washed, thatched roof cottages. A dark stormy sky lingers. Quiet, peaceful and serene. There is a noticeable lack of all the technology that "simplifies" our life. There is is only man, his livestock and the beautiful surrounding landscape. This amazingly beautiful painting portrays a cleaner world and epitomizes sustainable living. It is also SO much more that it seems. Check out this fantastic painting of the old homestead on 'Off Grid World' by following the link below.

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