America's Most Affordable Tiny House Starting at $16,000 + Delivery

Small house living is more popular than ever, but buying a tiny house can often incur a big price tag, but here is a great solution. America's most affordable tiny house starts at $16,000 plus delivery. A pretty decent price when you look at the costs of buying or building a tiny house on wheels. If you have been considering joining in on the tiny house movement, you probably didn't think that building a tiny house wheels would be expensive because there is hardly any square footage. But, there are many factors that tend to bring up the price. For starters, there's the trailer that the tiny house will be built upon. A good trailer can cost up to a quarter or half of the overall tiny house budget, and you want to invest in a suitable, sturdy trailer that can take all of the weight of a tiny house and it's occupants. Some people joining the tiny house movement have built tiny houses for prices as low as $5000, but you have to wonder about the quality of those materials. These people will often purchase old trailers and tear down an RV to build their tiny house on, which is why they save so much money on the trailer. But often, these trailers give people trouble down the road, and sagging or drooping of the floor starts to happen which totally compromises the integrity of the structure.

It's great to try and implement used and salvaged materials when possible, not only to bring down the overall cost of the project, but also to recycle items that would have been thrown away otherwise. The only thing about this is that it can take a while to find the specific materials you need, which slows down the building process, and you have to drive to some different places to obtain all of the supplies as well usually. When you're building a tiny house on wheels from scratch, you're looking at around $20,000 - $30,000 to build it yourself, and up to $50,000 to have it built for you. Remember that these prices include everything, including the furniture and appliances usually. These prices aren't too steep, but it's more than some folks have available right away. That's where a great option like this tiny house from Tiny House Direct comes in. At only $16,000, you can have a sweet little house to live in. The house is built in the company's warehouse and then delivered to be set onto a foundation on a plot of land. You can weigh in on the design phase of the build so that you have the colours and finishes you want in your house and personalize it as you need to.

The materials they use in their construction aren't cheap either. They use quality materials like pine wood flooring and metal roofing to ensure the durability of these homes so it feels more homey than a mobile trailer. Each of the units is 11.8 feet wide x 34 feet long with the option of a 5 foot or 10 foot porch to be added on. The houses are all finished, so there is absolutely no work to be done when you get your tiny house. There are three lovely plans to choose from starting with their most popular option, the Hacienda tiny house at 399 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom. Then, there's the Tiny Duplex which is also 399 square feet but has a separate office and living space from the bedroom space, and two bathrooms. The Tiny Condo is 399 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms with separate entrances. So whether you're new to the small house living world, or have been looking around for a tiny house of your own, checking out the homes from Tiny House Direct is really worth it.***

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