America’s Top 10 Chain Burgers

Who doesn’t love a great burger? Its one of those foods that has scaled up the food chain from being a fast food quick pick-up meal to now something being served in five-star classy restaurants. And the options are now endless. Classic beef, lamb, turkey, fish, vegetarian, gluten free…burgers are now a trendy food that all ages, all dietary restrictions, and all income brackets can enjoy. Its really amazing when you think about how a meat patty sandwiched between two pieces of bread (or a bun) has evolved so much. Its made food history, that’s for sure. Of course over time, more and more establishments are now offering a unique take on the hamburger beyond what is offered in fast food restaurants. This often entails using upscale ingredients such as sirloin or other steak along with a variety of different cheeses, toppings, and sauces. Mmm de-lish!!

The hamburger has effected American culture in many ways, there’s no question about that! Some of the earliest memories for most Americans revolve around the barbecuing of hamburgers, for many it's one of their first food memories. Furthermore, the opportunities afforded to entrepreneurs to open burger franchises has empowered individuals financially. Just think about how the McDonald’s restaurants have become an icon of American enterprise abroad owing their success in great part to their variations of the hamburger. What about Wendy’s? White Castle? The list goes on and on. There is also something about the smell of burgers grilling, it takes us back to a special day, or place that we experienced the best burger ever.

While I can't say I am a super burger connoisseur - from time to time I will definitely get that craving and head out on a mission to satisfy my tummy growls. Just the other day in fact I was finishing up a project and then all of a sudden I wanted more than anything a cheese burger… so, I opened up my laptop, plugged in a bunch of key words and found the top 10 burger chains in America. Its amazing what the internet will give us at any moment - isn't it? Anyway, I found a great working list and wanted to share it with you also. I've now tried almost all the spots on the list- a few left…that'll be for next month when I get that urge again. Happy eating.

One of the top burger franchises on the list, is Fatburger. The name alone makes you want to try it out. It seems wherever you look these days, there is one of these burger restaurants popping up. The franchise started in 1952 by Lovie Yancey, who used to make the popular burger recipe in her very own home, for famous musicians on tour in Los Angeles, the rest is history as they say. What's interesting about this story is that the McDonalds's franchise opened just four short years before this. Both chains having stood the test of time, becoming known across the country and world, for their delicious burgers. The Fatburger is just like homemade, something your mom or dad would cook up on the grill for you, with simple big, juicy burgers, served up with lots of shredded lettuce, tomato, some onions, relish, mustard and mayonnaise.

Another to burger chain on the list is the Five Guys franchise, with over 1,000 burger restaurants, this chain that started in Washington, D.C. continues to grown across North America. This tasty burger has two nicely seared burger patties topped with cheese, and served on a sesame seed bun and your choice of 15 toppings. Another good thing about this burger chain is the fries, just like your mom made, cooked in peanut oil and served in a fun setting.

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