Amish Crazy Quilt Pie

If you have never heard of an Amish Crazy Quilt Pie, you are not alone, I had never heard of it before either! But one thing I do know, is that it looks very delicious and I would love to reach into the screen and just try a bite of it! The author of this Amish Crazy Quilt Pie recipe says, that her and her family ate it at an Amish restaurant and loved it so much that they begged them for the recipe, which they gave to her to share with others. So now, thanks to this recipe contributor on the 'Food' recipe blog, we can all know what an Amish quilt pie tastes like, without having to go to an Amish restaurant. So it's a good thing that they so kindly asked for the recipe and the people working there so kindly gave it to them. There are no Amish restaurants that I know of in Canada, so people from here or anywhere else would have to travel a long way to try some of this pie at an actual Amish restaurant. We have plenty of Hutterite colonies in Canada, but they don't have businesses outside of their colonies, like restaurants, that I know of, although they do sell their amazing fruits, vegetables, and baked goods at farmers markets, as well as their chickens, and they are so good!

This cake kind of reminds me of a coconut cream pie, and there is, in fact, some coconut in this Amish pie. It is a nice, creamy cake with custard or pudding in it with a nice and crusty top layer that gets golden brown when you bake it. The cake seems to just be a normal plain old white cake mix, that you blend up in the blender, which is a different way of mixing cake batter, but it would work really well, and be more time and energy efficient as well. The coconut they put in it, would give it a little bit of a different flavour than most cakes, it would be a nice, light and tropical tasting cake, I would think. I have to wonder though, if this is a true Amish pie, would they really use a blender? Actually, using any electronics are prohibited in their colonies, which I think is actually a great idea. We could learn a lot more than just great recipes from the Amish and Hutterite people around us. We may think that we have learned so much more because of all the technological advancements, but in truth, has it really gotten us any further? I think that living how our ancestors lived, and how these colonies of people live, is a far more sustainable way to live, don't you think so?

I looked all over the internet for more information on the Amish crazy quilt pie, and couldn't find anything about it honestly. Except one man who says that it is better the day you make it and doesn't taste as good the next day or if it has been refrigerated. You should try it out and see what you think about it! Head over to 'Food' by following the link in the section below for more!

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