An Easy Trick for Poaching Fruit

You will love An Easy Trick for Poaching Fruit, its a great idea when you poach pears, apples or other fruits. Poaching fruit is often difficult when it comes to keeping the fruit completely submerged, they sometimes start to bob around in the simmering liquid like buoys. So you are left wondering how to keep them under water while cooking to achieve perfectly soft, evenly colored, evenly-cooked poached food. This easy recipe trick is just the way you can do it. You simply need to cut a circle of parchment paper to the size of your pot, then fold the parchment paper circle in half and cut a smaller half-circle from the middle of the circle so that you end up with a parchment ring. Then lay the parchment ring on top of the liquid in the pot, the parchment paper will keep your fruit or other food submerged as the liquid simmers. If the food starts to migrate towards the open area, all you need to do is gently nudge it back. This simple recipe trick traps the steam close to the surface of the fruit or food. So even if the pieces of fruit aren't fully submerged, they're still well-cooked by heat on all sides.

When you think of poaching fruit, the pear often comes to mind. The pear is native to the coastal and mildly temperate regions of western Europe and North Africa east straight across to Asia. The pear tree is a medium-sized tree, that is tall with a narrow crown, with a few species of pear trees that are shrubby. The pear was also a fruit that was also cultivated by the Romans, who enjoyed eating the fruits raw or cooked, just like apples. One Roman cookbook has a recipe for a spiced, stewed-pear patina, or soufflé. Pears can be consumed fresh, canned, as juice, and dried. The juice of pears can also be used in jellies and jam recipes, usually in combination with other fruits, including berries. Fermented pear juice is called a perry or a pear cider and is made in a way that is similar to how apple cider is made. Pears ripen at room temperature. They will ripen faster if they are put next to bananas in a fruit bowl. If you refrigerate pears, it will further slow the ripening of the fruit. Pears are a good source of dietary fiber, with minimal amounts of Vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

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