An Up Close Look At Horses: Why They Do What They Do And Other Interesting Facts

Book an "In person lecture" with the founder of 'Equine Heritage Institute', Gloria Austin and you will be exposed to an up close look at horses: why the do what they do and other interesting facts. Passionate about carriage driving and the study of horse history and it's impact on society, you will learn neat and interesting facts, such as, horses have 345 degree range of vision! Did you know that horses use "play" to establish the hierarchy in the herd? All that dancing, pawing and carrying on has more than just fun at it's core. The 'Equine Heritage Institute' was founded in 1995 and is an excellent resource on the history and tradition of horses and how they impact our culture. Horses have been part of human culture for over 6,000 years and we as people have a long standing relationship with them. Pursuing partnerships with the North American Riding for Handicapped Association and others, the 'Equine Heritage institute' trains and prepares leaders regarding the unique therapeutic benefits between horses and humans.

Therapeutic riding originated in Europe in the 1950's and continues to grow today. Manned mostly by volunteers, therapeutic riding associations work with handicapped people of different capacities. Riding encourages the stretching and strengthening of underused or underdeveloped muscles. The core muscles are strengthened, thereby improving posture and coordination. Increasing awareness of the body in space, range of motion is enhanced and gross and fine motor skills are further developed. Learning problem solving skills, learning to stay focused and how to stay on task, rider's self esteem and self confidence will blossom and flourish. With new found or increasing self esteem and self confidence, social skills are improved and healthy relationships with self and others are built and strengthened.

Champion carriage driver and owner of the most comprehensive grouping of carriages in the world, Gloria Austin understands and values the benefits of therapeutic riding. Visit the 'Equine Heritage Institute' to learn more about therapeutic riding, how to become a sponsor and to visit their virtual museum. To book an in person lecture with Gloria Austin regarding an up close look at horses, to understand why they do what they do and other interesting facts, visit 'Equine Heritage Institute' by following the link below.

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