Another 8 Surprising Things You Can Cook on the Grill

Grilling recipes are one of our favorite ways to prepare food, no matter what time of year it is. The following list is just another 8 surprising things you can cook on the grill. While we all know about grilling burgers, steak, and veggies, there are lots of grilling ideas that you may not have thought about. One of the best parts about grilling recipes is the nice grill marks left behind on the food; it always adds to the appeal and look of the meal. First on the list of surprising grilling recipes is avocado, this creamy green fruit just has to be cut in half, brushed with some grapeseed oil, and sprinkled with some salt and pepper. You can also sprinkle the avocado with a little bit of lemon, grill for two or three minutes. You can serve it on its own or put a dressing recipe on it for some added flavor.

Pineapple is another fruit grilling recipe you can try. When you grill pineapple you will find that it caramelizes because of the natural sugars in it, so it's a bonus. But for a little more caramelization you can try this delicious grilling recipe with a little added sugar. You'll want to try this lemon-sugar grilled pineapple recipes. The ingredients that you need for this grilling recipe include pineapple, grated lemon zest, and sugar. To start trim and peel the pineapple, and cut it lengthwise into quarter pieces and remove the core. Then cut each quarter in half crosswise, so it makes eight sections. Combine the sugar and lemon zest in a zip lock bag. Rub the ingredients so that they blend well. Then prepare a charcoal fire, and let it burn so that it becomes gray ash, and put a grill about six inches about the heat source. Then place the pieces of pineapple in the bag with the sugar mixture and turn it to cover. Then you can take the pineapple out of the sugar mixture and put it on the grill to cook, making sure to flip often, until the pineapple caramelizes and softens slightly. This should take between 5 to 7 minutes. Then cool slightly before serving.

Pineapples are a popular fruit that can be eaten cooked, in grilling recipes, preserved, eaten fresh and juiced. You can find pineapple in a wide variety of cuisines. The juice and flesh of the pineapple is used in a variety of cuisines around the world. You will find in many tropical countries, that pineapple is prepared, then sold on roadsides as a snack. The pineapple typically sold whole or halved with a stick inserted through it. In North America, you will find whole, cored pineapple slices that have a cherry in the middle of baked hams. Chunks of pineapple can also be used in dessert recipes such as fruit salad recipes, and cake recipes. Pineapple can also be found in some savory dishes, including pizza toppings, grilled rings on hamburgers and stir-fry recipes.

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