Another Apple Pie Cookies

Apple Pie Cookies have really been making an appearance lately. Here is an Apple Pie Cookies recipe that you can try out for the holidays! With fall days slinking away and winter coming upon most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are surly looking forward to those cozy snow filled days. And even though some people detest winter, it is really not such a bad season, and it is nice to be able to enjoy all of the seasons equally for what they can each offer us. Winter is a time where we can enjoy the quiet, and the solitude if we wish. It is the time for cozy fires and burning candles, and enjoying cozy cuddling sessions with our loved one. I for one, have learned to love winter and all of the simpleness it brings.

Another part of winter many people can all love and enjoy no matter if they like the cold and snow or not, is the Christmas season. The joy that this season brings is so magical, and it can really bring people together. Many people can also get excited about all of the fabulous food that they will be able to try out and enjoy over the holiday season. You might even be gathering Christmas time recipes yourself! This great apple pie cookie recipe could definitely go on your desserts recipe list to be made for everyone to enjoy this holiday season. Everyone makes pies, but people love cookies around this time of year, so why not make something that celebrates the best of both dessert worlds?!

This is a great, and fairly simple recipe to make. The people over at Tip Hero have given us wonderful easy to follow recipe instructions to make these little bites of heaven. You don't need too many ingredients either. You can either make your own pie crusts from scratch, or you can purchase them from the store as well. Pillsbury usually has great pie crusts that are super easy to use for many different pastry recipes. This can save you a lot of time fussing over making your own home made pastry dough. The apple pie filling can also be store bought, or, you can easily make some at home yourself. Making the filling at home is easy, you just add apples and butter to a sauce pan and heat until the apples get nice and soft. You can also add some lemon or orange juice to give the filling some nice tartness. You can also add some sugar, or even a natural sweetener like honey in there too. And don't forget about the cinnamon and maybe some allspice too! Cloves are always a nice addition too. You can also find great online recipes to help you make the filling of the mini pie cookies.

You basically plop the apple pie filling onto the pastry in little dollops, as they show in the photo on the website, making sure there is enough room for the pastry to close around the filling. You then take the top layer of pastry and put it on top and cut them out with a circular cookie cutter. They are then sealed around the edges and sliced in a little cross shape so you can see the apple pie filling coming through, and sprinkled with course sugar. They do look fabulous once they have been baked, all nice and golden brown on the top, with the apple filling peeking out. The photos on the website just look good enough to reach into and pull one or two out to eat! You have to try these out this Christmas season and share them with your loved ones. Check out the awesome, detailed apple pie cookie recipe on Tip Hero!

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