Another Boston Cream Pie Donuts

Do you love eating desserts? Me too! Are you a fan of Boston cream pies? Looking for a recipe for your kids’ snacks? Look no more because we have a recipe that allows you to eat mock donuts in a few minutes. This fun treat is very easy to make, and anyone can try it. You don’t need to make donut dough anymore. Wow! This tasty treats are a sure life saver from the kitchen fuss and those long moments in making your favorite donut treat.

For those who are not familiar with Boston cream pies, here is a little information about it. Boston cream pie is a cake that is filled with a custard or cream filling and frosted with chocolate. Even if it’s called a Boston cream pie, it is still a cake and not a pie. This was created in 1856 at a hotel by the Armenian –French chef M. Sanzian . With these instant donuts, you can also put your choice of fillings. Will it be jelly or Nutella? You decide. These tasty treats are a snap to make and the ingredients used are not complicated. You might be surprise that some of them are already in your kitchen.

This recipe makes use of vanilla pudding. We all know what vanilla is, but do you know what a pudding is? A pudding is usually a dessert and a savory dish. The word “pudding” is believed to be from the French word “boudin” which is originally from the Latin word “botellus” meaning small sausage. This refers to encased meats used in Medieval European puddings. Puddings may be served as a part of a main course or as a dessert. Vanilla is a flavoring in food that maybe achieved by adding a vanilla extract or by cooking vanilla pods in the liquid preparation. Vanilla is sometimes used as a synonym of “plain” This is also the default or original flavor of ice cream. Don’t forget to use the Pillsbury Grand biscuits because they will be the body of your instant donuts.

Wow! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and try this now. Please visit “Hugs & Cookies xoxo” website below to view the list of ingredients and instructions for these yummy treats.

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