Another Boston Cream Poke Cake

Do you have a box or two of cake mix sitting in your cupboard that you dont know what to do with? If it is vanilla, then you should start poking away and try this Boston Cream Poke Cake. Its simple, moist, and full of holes. Who doesn't love holes in their cake? Also, it doesnt take long to bake, and your kids will enjoy helping you make it. There are many simple tasks you could have then do, such as poking the holes, mixing the cake batter, or pouring the pudding on top of the cake. It is fun for all ages. Forget purchasing an already-made cake, and try this recipe today!

The author of this recipe is a cake lover, something many of us are. After making Oreo Pudding Poke Cake, she decided she wanted to take poking to a whole new level and create this Boston Cream Poke Cake. It turned out delicious and now she wants to share this luscious recipe with the world. Once you try it, pass it on to your friends or family, and help share the love of poking.

After baking the cake and poking it with holes, it is important to make sure you are pouring right into the holes when pouring the pudding on the cake. Once you have poured the pudding on the cake and in the holes, you want to take a spoon and make sure it is spread out evenly throughout the cake so that each section is layered perfectly. After the cake has cooled in the fridge for a couple of hours, you will want to take it out and add the chocolate frosting. Since chocolate frosting is thick, you will want to put it in the microwave for a few seconds so that it pours easily. Once it is spread evenly across the cake and has cooled, dig on in! Take it to a party, use it as an after-dinner desert, or just consume it when your heart desires. Nobody will turn up his or her nose to this cake made from a box. It is creative, simple, and luscious. You wont be disappointed and neither will those whom you have decided to share it with.

The story behind the Boston Cream pie recipe is that it was first created by an Armenian French chef by the name of M. Sanzian in 1856, say the owners of the Parker House Hotel in Boston, the hotel that the chef first concocted the popular recipe. The cake that the chef originally created was know as the Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie, and it consisted of two amazing layers of French butter sponge cake and then it was filled with a creme patissiere recipe and brushed with a rum syrup, if that wasn't enough the sides were coated with some creme patissiere and then covered with toasted sliced almonds, and finally topped with a chocolate fondant coating, oh my! Even though the popular recipe is called Boston Cream pie, it is actually a cake. The recipe has been popular ever since with recipes like Boston cream cheesecake recipes, Boston cream donuts recipes, Boston ice cream cake recipes, Boston cream pie recipes and Boston Cream cake recipes to name a few.

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