Another Cheesy Garlic Bread

I associate garlic bread with being a comfort food. Perhaps that is because I almost always eat it with pasta dishes (which are my ultimate comfort foods). Either way, I love garlic bread. It’s one of those items I can’t get enough of when it’s hot and fresh. Garlic bread is pretty easy to make, and here is Another Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe, straight out of the recipe book of Jaclyn, food blogger on “Cooking Classy”.

If, somehow, you are unfamiliar with garlic bread, it is a bread topped with garlic and butter, or olive oil, and may include additional herbs. It is then either grilled or boiled until toasted (crunchy) or baked in a conventional bread oven. Typically garlic bread is made using a baguette which is partially sliced downwards to allow the condiments to soak into the loaf. The bread is then stuffed through the cuts with oil and minced garlic before baking. Alternatively, the more common recipe for garlic bread involves butter and garlic powder which is spread onto bread cut lengthwise into separate slices. Some variants of garlic bread are topped with cheese (a variety of cheese including one or more of mozzarella, cheddar, or feta).

Garlic is a close relative to the onion, leek and chive. It has been used for over 7,000 years and is native to central Asia. Garlic has been used for both culinary as well as medicinal purposes. You can actually grow your own garlic fairly easily and it can be grown year-round in mild climates. Garlic plants are hardy and are not attacked by many pests or diseases and, as well, it is said to repel rabbits and moles. China is, by far, the largest producer of garlic with around 20 million tonnes grown annually, which accounts for over 80% of the entire world output. In ninth place is the United States, where garlic is grown in every state except for Alaska, although much of the US garlic production occurs in Gilroy, California (which actually calls itself the “garlic capital of the world”). Garlic comes in many forms – from fresh to minced to powdered – and is widely used for its pungent flavor with many dishes listing it as a fundamental component.

What could be more fundamental to delicious cheesy garlic bread than garlic? While this garlic bread recipe calls for minced garlic, you can easily substituted granulated/powdered garlic (if you are planning on substituting, use garlic powder rather than garlic salt so as not to load your bread with unnecessary sodium).

This garlic bread recipe calls for either French loaf or Italian bread, both of which can be found in any grocery store. As well, it calls for two types of cheese: mozzarella and Parmesan. If you prefer cheddar or feta, however, you can easily substitute the type of cheese – just make sure you choose a good ‘melting cheese’ since you want your cheese to melt and settle over the surface of your bread. The best part about this cheesy garlic bread is that there is virtually no prep time and bake time takes less than 10 minutes. It’s delicious. You should try this recipe the next time you’re adding garlic bread to a nice pasta dish!

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