Another Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

I'm really into cinnamon lately. Its almost out of control. I add to just about anything I can think of. My coffee, sometimes my tea, my oatmeal, sprinkled over apples, sometimes even in my BBQ marinades… I'm just loving it in all ways possible! Cinnamon is a great spice because it can be used as a sugar alternative, often when you just add a sprinkle on your latte, you'll find you opt out for the sugar, really! Also cinnamon has amazing medicinal properties. It has been used for thousands of years in ancient Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive problems, help with circulation, treat the common cold, even help with bedroom problems. Really, you must look into how amazing this spice really is.

Last week it was my turn to host an afternoon tea-party. An Sunday early afternoon gathering with seven of my lovely female friends. I had to prepare something and something sweet and delicious so I trolled around online and found is decadent looking recipe - cinnamon roll cheesecake. Two of my favourite desserts… and how perfect, while I'm on my cinnamon kick. Cinnamon rolls are always a great weekend treat - there's just something about that feels brunchy or brings you back to visiting nanna on the weekend. Cinnamon rolls are definitely a comfort food, a nostalgic reminder of something warm and pleasant. Wouldn't you agree. And then you have cheesecake. A dessert that everyone seems to love, but rarely seem to make at home. We all think of cheesecake as a difficult dessert - I wonder why - its not that complicated. Now bring the two together…oh my goodness, absolutely heavenly. All I can say is that my sweet offering was devoured and that we were all at it extra hard at the gym the following week. But trust me, definitely worth the splurge! Go on and try it!

There is nothing quite like the lovely smell of cinnamon rolls baking. Walk into any bakery that sells the sweet treat, and the smell just makes you feel cozy and warm. For this cinnamon roll cheesecake recipe you will make your cinnamon rolls as you normally would, slicing them thin, and placing them into a springform pan. There is nothing quite like homemade cinnamon rolls, its like having the bakery come to your house! If you are in a hurry for time, you can purchase the store bought cinnamon rolls for a little shortcut. Take the cinnamon rolls and press them until they appear flat. Then you will make your cheesecake batter and cinnamon mixture part of the recipe. On this site you will find this cinnamon mixture recipe, is the same one that is used for the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

After that is prepared you can pour half of the cheesecake batter recipe over top of the cinnamon rolls. Then you can drop some of the cinnamon roll mixture on top. Make these two layers again, and then get a knife and make some swirls into the cheesecake and in the cinnamon. All that's left to do is bake.

This recipe blog is a family affair! Julie, Maddie and Kinslee is the mother and daughters behind this fun recipe site. They enjoy developing all the recipes for the site, along with baking and photographing all their creations. They also like to eat up all their delicious creations that are made in their kitchen. The three of them love to bake together, once school is over for the day, they like to be in the kitchen. All of them are self taught bakers, taking inspiration from their mothers and grandmothers. They also can't get forget about dad, and their brother, who enjoy naming recipes and taste testing.

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