Another Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Have you ever tasted a moist fluffy cupcake? If not, and the only ones you have tried are dense and dry then we have a great cupcake recipe to share here!*grinning* Cupcake comes from various names. In British English, it is called ‘fairy cake’. In Hiberno-English, it is a ‘bun’, and in Australian English it is fairy cake or patty cake. So what is a cupcake? According to Wikipedia, “it is a small caked designed only to serve one person, which is baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup.”

Why do people like cupcakes? Over the past years, there have been many popular desserts arise, but as of late, none of which brings popularity as the cupcakes of today. Cupcakes have been a staple for family gatherings, birthday parties, and everyday treats these days. Have you ever wondered why it became trendy now? Firstly, the main reason cupcakes caught our baking enthusiasts’ attention is because due to their easy baking procedure. Aside from it being effortless to make; it is also easier to bake than full-sized cake.

Second, most people likely love little things. So cupcakes come across their minds, as it is simpler to decorate in the most pleasing ways you desire. Lastly, cupcakes are sweet. Dated before our ancestors arrived, humans already like sweets. As our ancestors discovered honey, they engaged themselves in making sweet desserts. As time went by, sugar became popular. Cupcake specialty stores are a booming business now.

Do you have a desire to make a sweet recipe over the weekend? OK, you must try this monster cookie dough cupcake tasty recipe. Mainly, this is a super moist, fluffy, rich peanut butter cupcake that you’ll surely love. It has a monster cookie dough frosting on top, and they are sprinkled with chocolate dips Ohh.. Fantastic!

For the list of ingredients and the instructions on how to prepare this delightful cupcake, kindly visit ‘Wishes and Dishes’ website below. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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