Another Stop Sitting on the Toilet When You Do #2

If you're having trouble staying regular, maybe you should try to stop sitting on the toilet when you do #2. That might come across as strange to most people. We're not telling you not to use a toilet either, with the great idea from the video you are about to watch, you will simply be positioning your body differently when you are doing a number two bowel movement than we are used to here in North America. So what's this solution to pooping properly? Squatting. Yes, you read right, squatting is the perfect solution to all of your constipation woes. If you have ever had constipation, you know how awful it can feel. You experience pain, bloating and gas, and it can be very uncomfortable to do anything while you are constipated. If you have looked for cures and remedies for this, most people would tell you to eat more fibre, or drink more water to keep your digestive system hydrated. But what if you are incorporating healthy life style tips, and you are conscious about your overall health and wellbeing, yet you still have trouble when it comes to elimination?

You might be surprised to find out that good elimination isn't only determined by how much fibre we are getting in our diets. Sure, healthy living and eating is absolutely one of the main keys for good health and wellbeing, but more studies are showing that how we go about our elimination process is a factor too. So, people have studied the way that more traditional cultures go to the bathroom, and in less progressive countries, they squat when they go to the bathroom. Westerners who go traveling in foreign countries may look at toilets in other countries and be appalled, because it seems far too primitive compared to our modern porcelain thrones. Public toilets and sometimes home toilets in less developed countries are basically a hole in the ground, and if you're lucky, maybe a toilet seat to rest your bottom on. People using these holes in the ground will essentially squat over top of the hole and do their business, and studies have shown that these people have less digestive and elimination issues than westerners do. For the company you are about to see in the video, it all started when Judy Edwards was tired of being constipated her whole life, and her son Bobby learned from a friend of his who happens to be an avid squatter that it was great for his health. So Judy, desperate to try anything to help, took up squatting herself.

The rest is history and the company is now raking in millions for their invention the Squatty Potty, with many people loving the results it provides. When it comes to healthy life style tips, this may be one of the most far out things you have heard in a while, but it's worth a try for better health and wellbeing. The logic behind squatting during elimination is that there is a muscle called the puborectalis muscle, that is actually tensed when we sit on the toilet as we are taught to. But, when we squat to go number 2, the puborectalis actually relaxes, making it easier for the waste to move through and out. Also, the thighs press up against the abdomen, creating pressure on the intestines that assists the waste from flowing out of the body. So, it looks like the primitive ways might just be the healthiest ways after all. Check out the full video for more information on the Squatty Potty and how you can try out this health tip yourself.***

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