ANTS in her Kitchen!! But How She Got Rid of Them Was Ingenious... and ECO Friendly

The ant's go marching one by one, Hurrah! Hurrah! Wait stop, this is not a happy sing-song type of problem when they decide they want to be marching inside your kitchen and get into all of your food! This woman from Off the Grid News had ANTS in her Kitchen!! But How She Got Rid of Them Was Ingenious... and ECO Friendly. Ants are very hard working insects that will keep on carrying away your food back to their queen and colony unless you put a stop to it. They are not harmful and won't bite or hurt humans in any way for the most part depending on the type of ant. But this doesn't change the fact that it is very disconcerting to come into your kitchen to whip up a meal and find ants crawling around in large numbers. It is enough to totally ruin some people's appetites!

It's normal to encounter ants once in a while in our kitchen or room, especially when we have food or especially sweets in the area. But if their population is growing wild, then it's time that you find a way to get rid the place of them. Ants are very determined when it comes to getting the food that they want. It is one of their characteristics that you should know. They also have good teamwork. They set up a trail for the other ants to follow to also have access to that food source that one of them has found. You don’t need to buy pesticides or other chemicals to get rid of them either. Using chemicals is not only harmful to the ants, it is harmful to the humans and pets in your home as well. So we like to stay away from using chemicals if when ever possible. Here are some of the natural and organic ways to do it that will be safe AND effective in getting rid of your ant issue for good. So don't pull out that spray can of toxic fumes or call the exterminator just yet, read up and try these simple, eco friendly ways to get rid of ants in your house. Here are just a few of the ways she used and now you can try too.

1. Lemon Juice-the scent of the lemon and its acidity will block the ants from following the trail, since they can no longer sense the trail left by their friends, and it will also make them not want to start a new one as well. Find the hole or the area that the ants are using to have access to your kitchen. Pour a couple of drops of lemon juice to the hole to finally stop them from entering the premise. We also advice that you wipe some lemon juice around the places where they have possibly crawled in like your window frames, kitchen counter and doorways. If you still find some ants in the area, just repeat this process until they are completely gone. You can also use lemon juice to wipe down the walls nearby to keep them away.

2. Chalk - calcium carbonate in chalks is something that ants also hate. Draw lines on the areas where they usually pass and once they notice it, they will no longer cross that line.

3. Vinegar-the scent of the vinegar will immediately throw the ants off. Create a 50-50 vinegar and water solution, and then place it in a spray bottle. Spray the areas where you always find them and once they smell it, they will no longer want to come back.

4. Diatomaceous Earth - actually kills the ants in their tracks by scraping them up.

5. Cinnamon, mint, cayenne pepper and other herbs also help to keep the ants at bay, throwing off their ability to be receptive to the trails that were left behind, and also repelling them because the scent would be too powerful for them to handle.

There are still more natural ways for you to get rid of ants in your house, check out the website “Off the Grid News” for more details.

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