Anytime A Zipper Broke Id Throw The Item Away. Then I Learned THIS Trick To Fix Any Zipper!

Zippers are pretty important, so when they go it can be a pain. You may have thrown away something that had a broken zipper in the past, but not after you learn this trick to fix any zipper. These days, there are zippers on everything. From bags to clothing and house hold items. The Zipper was invented back in the 1800s by a man named Whitcomb L. Judson, and he released it at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. The zipper's design was improved over the years, and it was called the zipper in 1923 by a designer in the United Kingdom who added them to a pair of rubber boots. In 1925, the zipper could be found on leather jackets, and the 1930s saw zippers being used on children's clothing, making it easier for kids to dress themselves. By 1937, the zipper was being used in men's tailoring, mostly in pants. The most recent advancement of the zipper was the double zipper which allows you to open just a small portion of the zipper anywhere along the zipper line. Over the years the design has gone from metal zippers only, now to include plastic zippers too.

Think of all the times a zipper failed on you. It was probably a very frustrating moment, especially if the bag holds important items that you need access to. Luckily we have this great tutorial featured on All Tips Ideas to save us from having to throw away our items with broken zippers. This is one of those real life hacks that will surely come in handy for you and your family members if a zipper decides to malfunction without notice. It's simple life hacks like these that help to make our lives easier and more affordable too. In the video, the man from UCAN Zippers USA company shows us exactly how to fix a zipper that will no longer open or close all the way. The zipper slider, which is the large piece that you slide up or down to open or close the zipper will most likely fail to go any further on the elements, which are the teeth of the zipper. What happens is the slider eventually wears out over time, and the opening gets wider. When the opening is wider, it doesn't engage with the teeth, grabbing onto them like it used to. Usually, it's more on one side than the other, so all you have to do for this quick fix is take a pair of needle nose pliers and gently squeeze the area of the slider that needs to tighten up.

Keep in mind, not to close the slider opening too much or else the zipper will catch. You will see that just a little bit of pressure should close it up enough that the zipper will work smoothly. Now, you will need the pliers for this job, so if it's a zipper on your purse or wallet, you may have to wait until you're home to fix it. The fix may last for a long time, or you may find out you need your zipper to be replaced. With these simple life hacks, you will hopefully be able to salvage your zippered item and get some more use out of it. If your zipper still doesn't work, then just take it to a zipper repair shop or even a tailor who can maybe figure out what's wrong with the zipper and fix it or replace it with a new one. Enjoy this, and many other real life hacks to make our lives easier from All Tips Ideas.***

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