Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Craving a sweet piece of warm apple pie but don't have the time to make one? This quick and super simple recipe comes to your dessert rescue! You just mix up all the normal ingredients you would for a large apple pie, but instead of the fussing with pastry dough, you roll up the filling in won ton wrappers! How ingenious!

This recipe would be perfect to do with the kids, so simple for them to learn how to mix up the filling of a pie while also learning about measurements and ingredients. They would just love the single serving apple pie roll ups! The perfect portion! I can imagine this being done with other fillings too, like cherry pie, blackberry pie, Saskatoon berry pie.... the list could go on and on. I have to admit that apple pie is my all time favourite though!

This featured article from the Tasty Kitchen blog does a wonderful job of taking you step by step on how to make these scrumptious little bites of heaven. With beautiful photos of each step, that will make your mouth water and have you wanting to put it at the top of your 'next recipe to make' list. Can you imagine bringing these to your next pot luck or get together? You could even heat them up in the over first before putting them out to eat. Add some vanilla ice cream or even maybe salted caramel... or whipped cream... they would be sure to be a hit for any occasion! Or even if you just want a little something sweet for yourself, t

So head on over to the 'Tasty Kitchen' website below and try this one out for yourself! I know I will be trying it out very soon!

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