Are Aliens Hiding On Moons?

Astrological associations have been entertaining the possibility of other life forms to emerge in other planetary bodies. Heck. The possibility of not only the emergence, but of the already existing life forms in other life-giving bodies is also considered by the said associations. Since time immemorial, countless claims have been circulating not only in prominent parts of the western archipelago, but also within the reach of the eastern parts of the globe. Such claims are unidentified flying object sightings, seen randomly breezing through tornadoes or through rain clouds during a storm. Some claims also include actual "aliens" seen in CCTV cameras abducting humans, or mysterious looking creatures floating in different parts of the Pacific ocean. However, these claims are considered by the majority as purely hoax, nothing more and nothing less.

Astronomers, on the other hand, have a different take on this idea. Due to a more advanced technological measurements that were deployed, astronomers strongly believed that these entities do exist. Such belief led these people to questions as to how these creatures came about and the like. But, the most prominent question that's been circling the grounds of science is this: "Are aliens hiding on moon?"

Scientist and a well-known astronomer, Dr. David Kipping is very much convinced with the idea of life outside the human race. Such belief influenced him to pioneer an investigation about the possible existence of life outside earth. We might be skeptical as to how this idea of life outside the parameters of the life-giving earth even be possible. Dr. Kipping has his answer all stated in his reports about extraplanets colliding causing it to create a smaller version of it, also called exomoons. These moons, based on the data gathered through the newest technological advancement known as the Kepler satellite, are the possible cause of the emergence of any life in any planetary body. This may then explain why life here on earth is possible.

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