Are These Alien Bodies From The Roswell Crash?

There was a photo that went viral back in 2011 that will make you ask yourself after seeing the entities in it, “are these alien bodies from the Roswell Crash?” Now, for those who have no idea about the Roswell incident, allow us to give you a little background about this story. It was in the middle of 1947 when this so-called military aircraft that looked like a balloon, crashed around the area of Roswell in New Mexico. There were speculations that the said aircraft could be a spaceship. It's just a theory, but a lot of people would like to believe that there are facts being hidden by the authorities regarding this mysterious incident.

Many are convinced that the government is just hiding all the information from this crash to the public. But the question is why? Conspiracy theorists seem to know a lot of possible reasons why the people who have real access to it cannot release facts and figures about what really occurred that year. But it makes sense if they say that they are only protecting the people of this earth from panicking. Who wouldn't panic if we were told that these creatures exist on our planet.

The viral picture is creepy and disturbing. It has a number of hospital stretchers with some unidentified creatures lying on them looking lifeless. These creatures don’t look exactly like humans, but they do have a little bit of our form. Could it really be that they are aliens who died from a fatal spaceship crash? But one could also think that the photo could’ve been manipulated by modern day photo editing software. All we have are theories as of the moment.

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