Are These Alien Skulls?

For alien hunters out there, these alleged alien skulls will catch your attention. “Tell us!” Cool, I really got your attention. *winks* Well, the idea of supposed alien life existence has been a very integral part of our universe, and that idea alone is interesting. Proof been shown and presented like some physical evidence, and one of these physical evidences is the alien skulls. “What? What is it? Where and when is it found? Who found those skulls?” Calm yourself, bro. Let me help you find the answers to your questions.*winks*

These so-called alien skulls were discovered on the northern side of the Cerro Colorado area of the Paracas Peninsula in Peru by the father of Peruvian Archeology, Julio César Tello and his team in 1927.They have recovered 429 mummy bundles at a site known as Wari Kayan, a large subterranean structure. The mummies are wrapped in cotton cloths. Tello and his team placed the mummies in baskets in a sitting position, facing north, just like the South American mummies. They are just mummies, but for some, they say otherwise.

Many years after the discovery, a DNA test has been conducted. Brian Foerster wants to part with some tissue samples. According to him, as quoted by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews in his blog, “the only way to establish the actual age, and possible genetic origins of the Paracas people is through DNA analysis of the skulls themselves.” He sends the tissue samples to Lloyd Pye, an American author, and paranormal researcher. Another person who believes that this is not a usual homo sapien is David Hatcher Childress, an American author. According to him, these skulls are not a phenomenon of a cranial deformation. Instead, these come from different race or species.

What about you? What do you believe? Are those aliens or just mummies? Well, to help you make up your mind, click Bad Archeology’s website below for more information.

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