Are These the Longest Legs You've Ever Seen?

Superstars all over the world are plastered on everything from magazines, to billboards, to commercials, to different advertisement campaigns... people spend a lot of money to look at these famous figures and it seems like the world just can't get enough. Along with incredible beauty, models must also be super tall in general, but here you're asked the question "Are these the longest legs you've ever seen?". China is known for having smaller women in general, however, one native Chinese model has gone against that status quo. This lady isn't only tall, she's absurdly tall. In fact, the article states that her legs are as long as the average 7 year old girl in China. She's been breaking out a storm in the news and has come close to setting the record for the longest legs. But she's still not quite there, the Guiness World Record for the longest legs is held by former basketball player Svetlana Pankratova a Russian woman.

While she might not have the longest legs in the world, she is the model with the longest legs and her photos are sweeping the nation. One of the reason long legs are so sought after in modelling is because they look great in photos and on the cat walk, the slender lines translate well for clothing and showcasing accessories. She recently joined a TV series called "Supermodel" and all the judges were very impressed with her slender figure. Her parents are both tall, her mother is 5' 7 and her father is over 6 feet tall. She was already 5' 9 at 16 years old, and she kept on growing there after.

At first she was considering going to school to become a teacher but decided she would do some modelling first, and after an agency picked her up, the rest was history. From there she instantly gained popularity, and she has been getting more and more attention especially on the internet. While people are amazed with her long legs, she is a very beautiful woman, so it makes a case for a super successful supermodel. I'm sure we will be seeing much more of her among the internet and media in general. If you haven't yet heard about her, and are keen on seeing some photos for yourself... be prepared to be amazed! Learn more by clicking on the link below to get redirected to the "Orzzzz" website.

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