Artist Couple Builds a Cabin Out of Recycled Windows for Just $500

At first glance, this tiny house might not seem like much, has more to offer than meets the eye. Artist couple Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz built this home entirely out of recycled windows for only $500. Their retreat is nothing short of enchanting and completely charming. It sits in the middle of some forested land with openings in the trees which create the perfect vantage point for watching sunsets. Which is one of the reasons the couple decided to build their house completely out of windows. They decided that there shouldn't just be one window that lets the full effect of the sunset or the sunrise in, the view should just be unencumbered. Their home is completely off-grid, with no power, so the couple fills the house up with candles which also look gorgeous through the floor to ceiling windows. Their house was also built out of recycled and reclaimed materials they found and bought while on their travels across the US. They would make a point to stop at any garage sale or antique shop. So to add to the charm of the tiny home, each of the reclaimed windows holds a piece of history within it, and each of the pieces has its own character. It reminded them that all good things do take some time.

The couple lived in the house full-time while they were building it, which was a very inspiring period for both of the artists, Nick who is a photographer and Lilah who's a designer. Now they've moved onto other projects, but they still return to their tiny home cottage for a little retreat into nature now and then. It's really the perfect place to get away from it all and feel totally embraced by the natural world. Nick even says that it's kind of like being in a different world when they stay there. Their tiny home retreat has a mini documentary made on it that features the couple talking about their journey in designing a small house and building it together. Most people who build tiny homes don't start out these projects in hopes of getting the publicity, but since this is something that people are curious about, it just seems to happen naturally. People want to know, and see what it's like to have a tiny house or piece of art like this. To understand how they did that, perhaps to build one themselves. It is totally inspiring for people to see others living a very artistic life, so people want a taste of it through videos and photos.

Building and living in tiny homes is really nothing all that new; people have been living in small homes for centuries. It's that the concept is being seen with new eyes in this day and age when consumerism and materialism are at an all time high. Tiny homes are causing a revolution in the way people think about housing and the size of houses we choose to live in. Rethinking the way we use space. Even though Nick and Lilah's tiny home is very rustic, it's a work of art and a very big accomplishment for them both. Lilah says that she feels like now she can do anything and that there is such a reward in building something this big. Anyone who has created and built their own small house design surely knows this, and even though it can seem like hard work at the moment, they take it step by step, little by little with so much focus and determination. Have a peek at their cute tiny home on the My Modern Met website.***

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