At Last, a Permanent Solution to Removing Water Rings

This is a wonderful house hold tip on How to Remove Water Rings Trick. Thanks to Rebecca, Maggie, & Jill from Homemade Mamas, you will never have to see those unsightly water marks on your coffee table or kitchen table ever again. No matter how careful we are, accidents are inevitable. Especially if you have kids who are way more interested in playing or watching cartoons on television, which is how it should be when we are kids. They set their drink down only to find that when it is picked up there is a horrible white ring from condensation or liquid that spilled out of the glass. Many moms would panic in this situation, thinking of how they are going to get that white ring off of their beautiful, wooden coffee table. They might even think that they will eventually have to sand and destain their coffee table in order for it to look just as good as new again. But now, that panic doesn't have to even cross your mind because you have this amazing household cleaning trick that will make water rings fade away like magic.

You might think that water rings appear because the moisture changes the colour of the wood, but this is not actually the case. What happens when the water from the bottom of a glass comes in contact with the surface of the table is that the water vapour is coming into contact with the finish on the piece of furniture. The longer the water sits on the surface of the table, the more moisture can get under the varnish of the wood. This problem is only a surface issue, and is actually not anything to be too concerned about. In fact, the lighter the water ring, the easier it is to remove with this handy house hold trick. It is the darker stains that might be harder to remove, as they can be deeper into the wood, and burns can be almost impossible to remove from wooden furniture.

So how do we remedy something like this? Well this awesome home remedy from the Homemade Mamas is here to save the day. Rebecca, one of the Homemade Mamas, found a not so lovely surprise on her wooden table, a very white water ring... She immediately tried other home fix it remedies that she had used before that had worked, but none of them seemed to be working. She finally found a wonderful home remedy solution on a website called "How to Get Rid of Stuff" and tried it out. Suffice it to say, she was absolutely impressed with the results, which is why they shared this home how-to tip with all of us. She realized that if she had this issue, chances are that many other people would perhaps have the same water ring conundrum so she showed her very own process and showed us exactly how to remove water rings from our precious wooden furniture. All you need is a hair blow dryer and a little bit of time. The steady high heat from the blow dryer pointed on the water ring evaporates the moisture that has collected under the surface of the varnish on the wood. Before long, you will see the water ring disappear just like the Homemade Mamas show in the photos. What a brilliant solution to a problem we have all faced at one point or another. You can also help to keep your lovely wood furniture stain free by using coasters on it, or placing a fabric table cloth or runner on it. You can also be sure to wipe away any spills and moisture right away. Wood can be tricky to keep looking good, but with home cleaning tips and tricks like this, you will be fully prepared.

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