Aunt Connie's Coconut Cake

Feeling like a more tropically inspired kind of cake recipe? Try out this fabulous recipe for Aunt Connie's Coconut Cake! A nice, light and fluffy bundt cake made with sweetened flaked coconut for a lovely coconut flavoured cake. These cakes just look so pretty as well with the shape that they acquire from being baked in a bundt pan, which gives the cake those nice curves and lines in it. It just looks so professional. This recipe is not difficult either, and could be made by a person with any level of baking experience. This coconut cake recipe could be used for making a large sized bundt cake or several small ones like is shown in the photo. The smaller ones look somewhat like donuts with a nice icing and some coconut sprinkled on top. These would be fun for personal sized desserts for a kids birthday party, or for any gathering so that each person could have their very own special cake.

The cake recipe calls for the typical cake ingredients like flour, baking soda, butter, salt, sugar, eggs - this recipe calls for six eggs in total, sour cream - for added moisture, and vanilla. The sour cream might be able to be substituted with some coconut milk or cream, which is a little healthier, and instead of the butter, you could substitute some coconut oil. Both of these substitutions not only make the recipe a little bit healthier, but they also would enhance the coconut flavour with natural coconut products. The icing recipe is made with milk, cornstarch, sugar, butter shortening, and some vanilla. Once the cake is baked, the icing gets spread on top, and then a good amount of the sweetened coconut flakes get sprinkled on top. The end result looks fabulous.

Bundt cakes are a classic type of cake recipe that has been around for some time. The bundt cakes are named such because of the fact that they are made in a pan called a bundt pan, which gives them their distinctive shape and style. This distinctive mold for the cakes was made popular in the 1950s and 1960s in American households, but the pan originated in Norway. The funny thing about the bundt pan is that it actually didn't sell too well in Norway at first, and the manufacturers contemplated not continuing to make them. Then, Pillsbury, the American food product company, spread the word about the bundt pans in the United States, and marketed them to make them popular in the United States! So if Pillsbury wouldn't have gotten a hold of the bundt pan who knows if the type of cake would have ever come into existence.

This recipe would be perfect for a number of different occasions like for Easter in the springtime when you want lighter desserts, or for a baby shower perhaps. This would be a fabulous cake recipe for a birthday for someone who loves coconut; they would absolutely love a Coconut Cake. The cake would also be lovely at Christmas time because the coconut flakes sort of look like snowflakes that have collected on the top of the cake. This is a wonderful recipe to make any time of the year though and would be a hit at any gathering or event. The recipe comes to us from the Facebook page of the Cooking At Home food blog, which has a ton of great cake recipes and other dessert recipes as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer and snack recipes. Try out this great creamy coconut bundt cake soon and see how you like it!

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