Aussie Is the Best Tiny House of the Year

Sometimes it's the simplest of designs that have the biggest impact. And this tiny cabin on wheels does just that. For starters, the exteriors have nice stained wood with black trim and black metal details on the upper level. Once inside the use of lots of white on both the walls and for the kitchen cabinets combines well with the beautifully stained wood on the floor that is also used on the stairs. There is plenty of storage in this tiny cabin on wheels from the efficient use of space with storage under each stair, to lots of kitchen cabinets, storage underneath the couch, and above the kitchen. The little nook that serves as the dining table or desk space looks out the window to offer a view of the outdoor surroundings. A rustic wood stove is used for heat. Upstairs is a loft area for sleeping that has a good amount of headroom due to the peaked roof upstairs. When you look at this small house on wheels it hard to believe what you will find once inside. This tiny house on wheels has everything you need to live or stay comfortably from its good sized kitchen, the sleeping loft, and the bathroom with shower.

When it comes to tiny house designs, there are more options than ever before. And it's no wonder with the growing popularity of these adorable and practical homes. You will find a wide variety of tiny house designs from yurts, small houses on wheels, beach shacks, gypsy vardo wagons, treehouses, houseboats, log cabins and so much more. Living in a tiny house whether it be full time or for use as a vacation home is a lifestyle that more and more people are gravitating towards as it is a way to save money and live the life that you want.

The Tiny House of the Year is a great site to find tiny house inspiration and ideas. The Tiny House of the Year is a friendly competition between tiny house owners who own tiny houses that are under 500 square feet. (owners of homes under 500 square feet). The purpose of this tiny house competition is to celebrate tiny houses and the people that choose to downsize into these homes and live this lifestyle. The winner of the Best Tiny House category is the owner who will be honored as the overall winner of the competition (there are however several categories to draw tiny house inspiration from). Winners of this fun contest for the Tiny Houses of the Year will also receive a Unique Tiny Trophy that is designed by tiny house designer, Michael Janzen. The Tiny House of the Year competition is organized and hosted by the people at where they've been blogging about the Tiny House Movement since 2008. is a site that is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people all over the world to build tiny homes. Entries for the 2017 competition Tiny House begin to be accepted on February 1, 2017. If anything its a great place to dream about a future tiny home.

This is just one of the tiny cabins on wheels you will find on the 2016 Tiny House of the Year site. This site is the place to look if a tiny cabin on wheels or tiny house design is in your future. There are a variety of categories to look at to include best tiny house category, the best interior design, exterior design, best front door, best kitchen and best bathroom. On the site, you will also find best categories to include stairs, ladder, loft, transforming furniture, storage, and use of reclaimed materials. **

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