Awesome Plastic Bottles Life Hacks

Recycling our old containers is a great way to keep excess waste out of the landfill. Here are some awesome plastic bottle diy ideas. This video featured on Thaitrick's YouTube channel shows us 6 different ways to recycle our used plastic bottles. If you drink a lot of bottled water or soda, chances are you have some of these at your disposal. If not, you can always ask friends or family members to save you some of their plastic bottles for your diy ideas. Thaitrick is a great channel showing real life hacks and diy ideas, their videos are really easy to follow as they show you step by step how to do each project or hack. Diy ideas are essentially home improvement projects or crafty projects that you do yourself, hence the meaning of the acronym, do - it - yourself. People were generally pretty savvy in creating their own items over the years, up until the time in more recent history when manufactured goods began to take precedence. But, there are still so many crafty people out there that love diy ideas which is why the internet is exploding with them.

The other thing that's gained popularity over the last few decades is real life hacks. Hacks are essentially anything that helps you to do a task in a simpler way, or helps make your life easier in general. Usually hacks are known as short cuts for everyday tasks, which end up saving you time and sometimes even money. Before the internet, most of these hacks and diy ideas were either featured in magazines, or in books. You can still find them in these places, but the internet is also a fabulous source for hacks and diys. Pinterest is a website many people use to share and save their favourite hacks or diys, and Facebook is a great place to share them with those closest to you so they can try them out too. The real life hacks featured on Thaitrick, use various sizes of plastic bottles. The larger rectangular shaped plastic bottles usually hold water or juices, and the smaller ones usually hold water, juice, iced tea, or soda. For most of these diy ideas, all you'll need are some scissors or a knife to cut the bottles to size for the various diy projects.

The first project, we see, involves cutting a small plastic bottle in half and then inserting the top of the bottle into the open end of the bottom to be used as a sponge holder. While your sponge is drying after being used for washing dishes, the water drips off of it into the bottom of the bottle. This would save your sponge from getting mildew or mold on it. Another hack shows a few different sized round water bottles being cut into various shapes, and then they are inserted into each other to create a long, snake like object which can be used as an umbrella holder so it doesn't drip water everywhere. There's even a hack for dogs and cats in here too. If you're out of the house for a while and worry if your pet will have enough water while you're out, just take a water bottle filled with water and put it in your pet's water bowl upside down, and lean it up against the wall. Each time your pet has some water, the bottle will pour more water into the bowl. You may want to fix the bottle to the bowl better so it doesn't tip over. Make sure you check out the four other diy ideas from Thaitrick, and check out some of their other videos too.***

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