Back Porch

Most of us would always dream to see and experience living with freedom with the great view of the outdoors. Don't you think it would look amazing to have a back porch where you can see the mountains and the vastness of nature right before your eyes? If you are someone who envisions owning something like this, then read on to be more inspired. We would like to introduce to you this property called 360 Ranch. It is designed by Miller Architects for a family that would want to spend some vacation time in this place.

The view is simply going to blow you away. This ranch is surrounding the top of a mountain that makes one able to see the entire town below. When youre up here, you could pretty much feel like youre on top of the world. It has a lookout tower that will make you appreciate even more everything that your eyes would reach to witness. The size of this property is a whopping 7,000 square foot meter home where a family could gather together and share amazing moments while being with each other. It is located near Yellowstone Park, in Big Sky, Montana.

When it comes to natural resources, we can say that they have it all! It has a trout stream and several ponds where you could catch some fish for lunch or dinner. As for the interior of the house, expect to see a master bedroom, a balcony, some childrens rooms and the usual dining and kitchen area. The master suite comes with a fireplace, so the family wont have to worry about cold winter nights.

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