Bacon Bourbon Barbecue Chicken Kabobs

There are few things more magical than biting into these Bacon Bourbon Chicken Kabobs. You'll experience a flavor pallet where a tender piece of chicken is encompassed by spicy bacon and a bourbon infused barbecue sauce. Grilling excellence is showcased with each peak at this southern inspired dish.

If you're like so many of us today, you desire to cook and eat healthier than ever before. The Slow Roasted Italian shares in that endeavor, however this chicken dish pushes the envelope a wee bit and gives you a sinfully delicious retreat. A little drunken barbecue sauce never hurt anybody and homemade is always healthier than the store bought alternatives so dive and enjoy without guilt, you've earned it! Did I mention you're chicken will also be covered in bacon? You're welcome! This could possibly be the best dish to come off your grill this year!

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Now let's talk about bacon paste or puree. There is something so comfortable and iconic about using strips of bacon, most home cooks would shutter at the thought of a bacon puree. If you too are a little taken back by the thought of bacon paste, take a moment to imagine all the flavor of the bacon, without the fat that will inevitably cause some level of anxiety when you're grilling. Accompany that by the fact that the bacon keeps the chicken moist, you've got a winner for sure.

So there you have it, tender, flavorful chicken smothered in a spicy bacon paste, brushed with an exquisite bourbon infused barbeque sauce and grilled to be one of the most accomplished dishes to adorn your dining table. This recipe offers a divine and spectacular experience that is inspired when chicken and bacon collide. So invite your friends and family, whip up a batch of your favorite sangria and you've got a summer evening that will be remembered.

The bacon in this bacon bourbon barbecue chicken kabobs recipe is what brings it over the top. Now more than ever you are seeing bacon being adding to all sorts of recipes, it seems to have surged in popularity in the last few years. You'll find bacon in the oddest of places, but delicious nonetheless, from maple doughnuts with crumbled bacon, to chocolate covered bacon candies, and maple cheesecake with bacon crumbled overtop the list is endless to the fun recipes that you can add bacon to.

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