Bacon & Cheese Potato Nachos

Nachos are always a hit when served at our house. With such a variety of flavours and combinations - it's easy to see why so many people like them and like to make their own style. From your regular nacho chips to more exotic combos like Bacon & Cheese Potato Nachos! They are always a hit at every function they are served.

Now there are a few things to remember when you are making your own nachos:

A) Pick the chips : In the grocery aisles there are so many different types of chips. Even just the corn chips you can get white or yellow corn and even blue corn chips! Brands have been trying flavoured chips like lime and guacamole flavours as well as more traditional kinds like pepper and spinach flavoured chips. You can get different sizes and shapes too!

B) Fixings and toppings : There is an art to the toppings. A mixture of protein and vegetables, seasoning and spice. Traditional toppings like jalapeños and ground beef, peppers mushrooms and even corn. You can mix up proteins with beef or chicken, even a spicy sausage and beans.

C) Choose your cheese : In a world full of different cheese, it's hard to pick just one favourite. That is why we recommend layering a couple different types of cheese to make the best nachos! For an extra spicy kick try added some jalapeño havarti or if you want a boost of cheesy flavour, add some sharp cheddar. Shredded cheese always melts more evenly than chunks of cheese or slices.

D) Dips, baby DIPS : If you thought choosing your chips and cheese was fun, wait until you see what is next. The "dips" are always fun to make and a great way to keep this dish versatile. Guacamole and salsa are the radio nail favourites, along with fondue of melted cheese. The types of salsa alone are dizzying! Mild spices to fiery hot, picallo or green tomatillo, southwestern style or Cajun. While we are on hot sauces, there are hundreds of types of the spicy addition varying from Tabasco to "volcano hot". Then you have the layered dips and the bean dips, and don't forget sour cream! Some more daring taste buds might opt for some mango chutney or some curry flavoured dips too.

A few other reminders for when you are cooking this world favourite. The best part of nachos are that every bite is different and has many different combinations. Keep the servings bite sized! Have you ever seen people eating nachos with forks and knives? It's part of the fun to eat bite sized finger food. Also, melted cheese is really hard to scrape off your cookie sheets so use aluminum foil to line the pan and then clean up is a breeze!

This recipe site is created by someone who is not a trained chef, and that doesn't take food too seriously. She likes to keep things interesting in the kitchen. All of her recipes are like methods, that you can easily adapt to make your own. The recipes you will find on this site are original creations, with some tweaked versions of classic recipes that we all know. Many of the recipes consist of her eye balling and tasting, so you might not get exact measurements, but you can always email her and ask questions. She loves to experiment in the kitchen, and says people shouldn't be afraid if a recipe fails, as you learn from your mistakes. She doesn't believe in expensive ingredients and thinks cooking should be fun.

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