Bacon Fried Mozzarella Sticks!

(Sigh)..the sweet smell of bacon. We love to share all star recipes on Likeadee and often times these just happen to include bacon. So, seeings that we also like to educate our readers about healthy shopping, budget shopping and so on, not only do we plan to share this incredible recipe for Bacon Fried Mozzarella Sticks, from Oh Bite It, but we also want to educate you, dear reader, how to choose healthier bacon.

So first of all, you all probably know that bacon comes from pigs, although just today I saw some chicken bacon available, but was too scared to buy it and ruin my bacon experience. If anyone has tried it, please do write in and let us know. Bacon is reported to having been around since 1500 BC. In more parts of the world, bacon is taken from the pork belly, but in Canada it can be taken from the loin and in Europe from the shoulder cuts. This is why bacon never quite tastes the same when you are traveling around. Once the pork is cut, it is cured in a salt/sugar brine and then dried, smoked or boiled. Manufacturers have the option to use nitrites or not, which is an area of contention, as some evidence reports nitrites to be cancer causing. Only the smoked or dried kinds will be used for bacon.

The best bacon on the market is unprocessed with just a few ingredients like pork, water, salt and brown sugar. It is also pasture/humanely raised pigs that are free from artificial ingredients, hormone and antibiotics. The worst bacon is very heavily processed from factory farmed pigs with lots of artificial ingredients and flavorings.

So a few things to remember: Don't believe in no nitrites and nitrates added, uncured, or hormone free. All pigs in the US (if that is where you are) are required to be hormone free. There will be nitrites/nitrates either from natural or unnatural sources and bacon does not exist if it is not cured.

A bit more about nitrites/nitrates - We eat nitrates every day with our vegetables and cured meats. Microorganisms in food and our digestive tracts turn nitrates into nitrites and some of these can form carcinogens. Vegetables on their own have big enough antioxidant power to counteract the nitrites. You cannot get bacon without nitrates. If the package says this all it means is that rather than using sodium nitrite, they are using celery which also contains nitrates.

Now, for more on this delicious recipe including the ingredients and directions, visit the 'Oh Bite It' link below.

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