Bacon Hash Browns

Hash browns are a classic and traditional side to most full on breakfasts. It's not one of those things that people have every day of course. Because clearly, it can be a little time consuming to make them all the time. That's why we often have our breakfast on the go, like cereal, yogurt and granola, a muffin, or any other 5 minute food. But on the weekends, it's always nice to have an extra filling breakfast, and the bacon, egg, and hash brown combination is often a favorite. Any breakfast place you go to will have them on their menu, and for good reason, they are totally delicious! But even though they are great tasting, after eating them for so many years, they can still wander into the land of boredom. Hash browns are still usually a simple food without much variety in how they are cooked or what is in them. Well, not until I read this article any way ! The "Gourmet Traveller" website has innovated the classic old hash brown with the other breakfast super food that we all love... bacon.

These little gems can be eaten for breakfast or a nice brunch if you'd like, and the extra pork bits will be sure to impress anyone who tries them. Unless they're a vegetarian of course, in which case the recipe still works if you omit the meat, but in my opinion they wouldn't be nearly as good. Hopefully you're a meat lover, because if you are, I'm sure you will fall in love with this recipe. It's only a few simple ingredients, and takes a bit of extra time to prepare. But it will be a great addition to those Saturday or Sunday morning breakfasts when you're craving something a little more substantial than your usual weekday food.

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