Bacon Wrapped Steak Strips with Mushrooms & Onions

Looking for a yummy, decadent dinner to serve on a special occasion? How about bacon wrapped steak strips with mushrooms and onions? I found this marvellous recipe from Judy Hannemann over at the Midnight Baker website - and, OMG, if the photo is any indication, this is gonna be one heck of a scrumptious meal! Don't you just love finding recipes like this one that you get so excited to make, because it looks so darn good, and you know that everyone will absolutely love it? This one will be sure to be a total hit for everyone. Especially people who love meat. This would be awesome to make in the summer when you can fire up the grill and cook up some delicious steaks for everyone! People would be amazed at how awesome these would taste!

Wrapping steaks in bacon is a very common cooking technique called ďbardingĒ and it can really add a lot of extra juice, flavour, and tenderness to your sirloin steak. Cooking steak can be tricky business, especially if itís lean. Wrapping it in bacon is one of your best bets for keeping it moist throughout the process, so the end result will melt in your mouth! Adding mushrooms and onions just adds so much more to the already mouth-watering flavour. Ahhh, the kitchen aromas while preparing this meal are beyond divine.

From the Woodstock, New York area, Judy started the Midnight Baker website in 2013 because she adores cooking and loves to share all of the wonderful recipes she comes up with herself, and finds in her travels. As a retired mechanical engineer and a widow, she has a lot of time to devote to her greatest passion in life! And yes, itís true, she does bake at midnight. She says itís the best time of day to do it because there are no interruptions. She finds it relaxing! Judy came up with this recipe simply by improvising with what she had in her freezer on a freezer-cleaning day. What a gift to be able to do this, and to be so creative about it too. She found the steak and a huge amount of bacon, and voila Ė she decided to put it all together. Just simple ingredients, but super-big on flavour! Another one of her little tricks with the steak was to brown it before wrapping it in the bacon. This way, any juices that it does have are completely sealed in, and it just looks yummier too.

Judy also recommends green veggies, French fries, and a good lager as the perfect additions to this hearty English pub-style meal. Sounds good to me and Iíll bet your favourite guy will love it too! How about setting the table, lighting some candles, and inviting him over to sample it when youíre done? Warning: once he tastes this, he may never want to leave.

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