Bake the Perfect Cheesecake with the Water Bath Method

Baking is a hobby young and old alike can enjoy every day. Baking is something you can do alone or involve other family members and friends. Baking can create some very memorable moments, both in the actual baking process and of course in serving up those delicious goodies that come out of the oven. Baking can be shared with others and give you a great send of self-fulfillment. Baking offer a wide variety of sweet treats to choose from, ranging from breads to cookies and cakes. You may have heard the saying the ‘baking is a science while cooking is an art’. You will have your share of spills and burns and ‘flops’ in the kitchen as you master the art of becoming a great baker. The great part about the ‘flops’ is that although they may not be beautiful to the eye, they usually still taste just fine to eat. A very popular dessert item is the cheesecake. There are methods which can aid you in baking the perfect cheesecake. Cheesecakes tend to crack from the heat of the oven and loose moisture at the same time making its texture rough. To overcome this, the water bath method can give you better results! The water bath method is really simple to learn. All you need is a baking pan that is large enough to hold your cheesecake pan, aluminum foil to cover the springform pan and also to prevent it from leaking. Basically you just cut the aluminum foil big enough to cover the springform pan completely, place your springform pan with cheesecake into the large baking pan, add about an inch hot water to the large baking pan. You need to be sure to put enough water that it surrounds the entire springform pan and bake your cheesecake to the time required. You can be sure your cheesecake now has a much better chance of not having cracks after it’s baked.Visit the Family Feast website below for detailed instructions.

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