Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups! Super Easy and Delicious

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups! Oh gosh, my mouth is watering.

This is a quick, easy and flexible recipe which allows you to prepare ahead, or serve right away. I often serve this with a nice piece of ice cream, and pour chocolate sauce all over it, but that might be too much sweet for some of you to handle. I myself, have a major sweet tooth and can't be satisfied without a good healthy dose of oral delight.

This is a wonderful dessert that your whole family is going to go nuts for. The baked apple pie roll-up is something that you will probably find yourself making again and again. It looks harder to make then it actually is. The last time that I made this recipe, my husband ended up giving me a little surprise in the middle of the night while I was sleeping... he managed to sneak into the kitchen without being detected (and my hearing is usually fantastic) ... the next morning I was shocked to find literally half of the previous days baking entirely missing.

He had nothing but a guilty smile to answer me with either when I confronted him. He tried to blame it on the dog, but that rarely works, since we don't have a dog. Maybe next time he will get me the puppy that I've always wanted. Oh well, I guess he better start taking the stairs because his round little belly is looking extremely happy these days.

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