Baked Chicken And Potato Casserole

This recipe will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet. Are you guys on for a fun baking session together with chicken and potatoes? If you are, go for this baked chicken and potato casserole! Now is the time for chickens and potatoes to try something else aside from grilling and frying. *winks* Guys, we talk and share a lot of baked stuff lately. Don’t you think it’s time to share ideas about baking? “As in the word ‘baking’?” Uh-huh. This toothsome recipe can wait until later. *winks* For now, let’s spare a few minutes getting to know ‘baking’.

Baking is a “food cooking method that uses prolonged dry heat by convection, rather than by thermal radiation, normally in an oven, but also in hot ashes, or on hot stones.” Usually, bread is the normal item being baked; however, other foods are also baked but some may need special care and protection from direct heat.

In baking, you should have an enclosed space for heating such as an oven. According to Wikipedia, when you bake, the heat from the oven is slowly transferred "from the surface of cakes, cookies, and breads to their center. As the heat travels through it transforms batters and dough into baked goods with a firm, dry crust and a softer center".

Do you know that barbecuing is related to baking? It is because masonry oven and smoke pit have similar concepts. If there is an art of cooking, there is also an art of baking. “The art of baking remains a fundamental skill and is important for nutrition, as baked goods, especially breads, are an important but common food, both from an economic and cultural point of view."

Although this recipe is name Baked chicken and potato casserole, when you are making savories, it is considered cooking rather than baking.

Baking? Cooking? No matter how you call it, you will no doubt want to find out more about this tasty-looking baked chicken and potato casserole.

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