Baked Chili Cheese Dogs

Chili cheese dogs are popular in the United States. You canít find a single American who doesnít know about this famous snack. Others donít find it healthy, but once in a while itís okay to treat yourself with comfort food. Live a little if you must. We certainly donít suggest that you eat it everyday and make it a lifestyle, but itís good that you at least experience it in your life. And if you donít want to eat it from the streets where most people buy it from, you can always make some at home.

Chili cheese dogs are often fried, but if you are watching your diet and want to reduce the amount of cholesterol from it, baking should then be your option. This may be the first time you will read about baked chili cheese dogs and you may also wonder if the taste would be just as good. Thereís only one way to find out and thatís when you bake it and taste it yourself. The preparation is a walk in the park soon as you have the ingredients with you. You will need the usual such as your choice of hot dogs, chili with beans, onion (red), cheddar and jack cheese (shredded), and some buns.

With this recipe, you can make about 8 chili cheese dogs if you have a skosh. Itís a pan that is bigger than 13Ē x 9Ē but if you donít have this particular material, anything that resembles it will do. You will save a lot by making this at home instead of buying it outside. You can even feed your friends and call for a mini gathering with baked chili cheese dogs.

We know that you are curious about the whole recipe, so go ahead and visit the website ĎFrom Valeries KitchenĒ below and have fun making it.

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