Baked Potato Eggs

If you like to have your hash browns and eggs on Sunday mornings, you are not alone, so many people love to have a bigger than usual breakfast on the weekends. Why not try out something new next Sunday, or any day of the week, and give this Baked Potato Eggs recipe a shot?! Why not just put these two scrumptious foods together and create one awesome meal out of it?! Hash brown potatoes are always such a great, filling recipe to add to your breakfast menu, and so many people look forward to having them, whether it is at a restaurant or making them at home. Baked potatoes, while still potatoes, are usually something you would consider having for dinner, with a steak and salad, but now, they can be a breakfast too. And an easy breakfast recipe at that! We all love to find new and delicious breakfast recipes to try out since breakfast can become one of those sorts of monotonous meals that just remains the same, day after day, week after week.

You will love this new and exciting recipe! All you have to do is get your baking potatoes, scrub them up and bake them for forty-five minutes or so, and while that is happening you can cook up your turkey sausage or bacon, whatever you prefer. The insides of the potato are then scooped out when they are all cooked, and mixed with parmesan cheese and butter, to get them all nice and creamy, as well as to mix in the sausage bits. The eggs get cracked right into the potato, and then are baked again for a short while, so you have the perfect sunny side up egg with the perfect, intact yolk ready to break open. How great is this simple recipe?! You don't need a lot of ingredients, and you don't need to do a lot of work to make this great breakfast all in one meal either.

This baked potato eggs recipe would be the perfect breakfast recipe to cook for when you have company, and you want to cook them a nice breakfast. You could even precook the potatoes and then just heat them up as you are cooking the egg in them. Potatoes are very nutritious, with tons of potassium in them, and the eggs and the turkey sausage are full of protein, to give you some sustainable energy throughout the day. Having too sugary of a breakfast can often lead to a crash pretty soon after, which just makes you feel tired throughout the day. If you wanted to add a vegetable to the meal, some curly kale that had been sautéed in some olive oil would be awesome with these baked potato eggs. Another variation of this great recipe would be to use sweet potatoes or yams as a substitute for the potato. Sweet potatoes just have a little bit more of a nutritional value to them, and the sweeter flavour mixed with the savoury ingredients is sure to be a hit.

So make sure you add all of these ingredients to your shopping list this week and make it for breakfast on the weekend when you have the time to enjoy and savour all of the lovely flavours this recipe has to offer. Sit for a while and relax with your morning coffee or tea and enjoy some conversation with your loved ones. They will love this recipe too. Who knows, this breakfast recipe might just become a regular in your household! Check out the My Recipes website for this awesome recipe and many more that you have to try out! Save all of your favourite recipes, like this one so that you can try them all. You will surely not be disappointed that you did.

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