Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Do you love spaghetti? I bet you do. Admit it or not, we all grew up to the delicious spaghetti dinners cooked by our moms. Do you want to make your ordinary spaghetti into a mouthwatering casserole dish? Yes, you could do it! Here is an exciting twist to our favorite pasta dish. Baked Spaghetti Casserole. This is very easy to make.

Spaghetti is a pasta dish which originated in Italy. Here is a little information about casseroles. Casserole came from the French word casse meaning a case that is a large deep dish used both in an oven and as a serving vessel. The ingredients you will need for this recipe are easy to find. You'll be surprised that you likely have most of them already in your kitchen. Once prepared, you will need to bake the spaghetti for 30 minutes.

A pasta dish would not be complete without the cheese. For this dish,you will use both ricotta and cheddar cheese. The ricotta cheese is for the spaghetti coating. This adds another layer of creamy deliciousness. You can use any spaghetti sauce of your choice too. Once you assemble your casserole you will top it with lots of cheese before baking. Here is a little tip. When you bake casseroles that have cheese on top, often the cheese gets browned too quickly so to prevent that, if you cover your dish with aluminum foil, the casserole with bake and heat up inside and the cheese will melt on the top. Then, if you do want the cheese to be golden brown, you simple remove the aluminum foil and bake a few minutes longer.

Sounds easy right? Come on! Try this one now. You and your family will love this exciting new twist to your spaghetti dish.

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