Banana Split Cheesecake

Watch out, guys! If you are too full, you shouldn’t be! Here’s is another mouth-watering dessert for you! *winks* I can’t look at this right now. I… just… can’t… *diet mode off* I have just eaten two big slices of chocolate cake and a bowl of ice cream. Well, I think this is the Almighty’s sign that food and I are truly meant for each other. I’ve found my soul mate. You will find yours too once you have a bite of this delicious banana dessert. But first of all, let’s give two million claps of appreciation to the baker of Banana Split Cheesecake. *winks*

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Jocelyn! Jocelyn is the baker and photographer behind this dessert. Not only that, she is also the writer of the blog Inside BruCrew Life. The recipes in her blog contain a lot of sugar and treats. This is my kind of blog! Notice the abundance of sprinkles on top? Yes, she uses a lot of sprinkles. She also believes in cake mixes. “Because of this crazy habit, I now have a love/hate relationship with the gym,” says Jocelyn in her blog. I think Jocelyn and I are going to be the world’s greatest best friends. *winks*

What urged Jocelyn to start writing in Inside BruCrew Life? Let’s find out from her. Jocelyn answers, “I started Inside BruCrew Life in the fall of 2008. My youngest had started first grade that year, and I didn’t want to clean house all day long. Originally the blog was going to be a fun way to share family stuff, crafts, and a few recipes. After 2 years I realized how much I enjoyed sharing the treats that I was baking in my kitchen, and it became a dessert blog.” In other words, Jocelyn didn’t forget herself and what she wants to do in her life too. Surely, she wouldn’t get tired as long as she loves what she is doing. When the time comes that I’ll have to start my own family, she’ll be my inspiration. *winks* Good job, Jocelyn!

Now is the time for you to enjoy Jocelyn’s Banana Split Cheesecake! Click Inside BruCrew website below for the full recipe! Have fun! *flying kiss*

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at Inside Bru Crew Life

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