BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs

These BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs are so incredibly good; you'll want to make them when you have some friends over. Enjoy a beverage or two, and have the best appetizer recipe ever! If you like barbecuing you'll want to take a look at the Traeger Wood Fired Grill site, that's where you'll also find the site's most downloaded appetizer recipe. This site is going to change the way you think about barbecuing. For the barbecue meatball onion bombs recipe a few of the ingredients you'll need you probably already have. Ingredients like ground beef, bacon, onion, soy sauce and worchestshire sauce. When you are ready to start this appetizer recipe, you'll want to fire up the grill and establish your fire, if you are using wood fired grill. You'll want to get the temperature to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just one of the amazing barbecue recipes you'll find on the Traeger Wood Fired Grill site. You'll find other barbecue recipes like game day cheese dip, bacon chili cheese dogs, bacon onion rings, the man pizza and more.

The Traeger Wood Fired Grill brings barbecuing to a whole new level, or really what barbecuing was from the start. These amazing grills use quality hardwood to provide a rich, flavorful food prepared outdoors. Using a wood pellet grill is the only type of barbecue that can create thick, smooth smoke that evenly circulates the food, covering it with aromatic and memorable wood-fired flavor. Traeger makes a variety of wood pellets from 100 percent food grade hardwood pellets. Their four US mills process the pure hardwood pellets blended for the perfect balance of smoke that will heat and offer superior quality that you can taste every time. The hardwood wood pellets that you can get include pecan, mesquite, alder, apple, cherry, maple, oak, and hickory. These pellets take your barbecuing to a whole new level. They built their facilities near sawmills that provide the company with hardwood, which enables them to oversee the production from the mill to the grill. They dedicate their pellet plants to manufacturing food grade pellets by using machinery that is suitable for pure food grade pellets. The best part about their food grade pellets is that they are simple. The Traeger food grade barbecuing pellets contain only two natural ingredients their signature blend of hardwoods and simple soybean oil, that is used in small portions as a natural die lubricant. When they manufacture the premium hardwood pellets, they know that less is always more. So you will find no additives, fillers or binding agents in their product.

Typically, a barbecue is either a type of cooking method or a cooking apparatus. The difference between barbecuing and grilling food has to do with the cooking times and the types of heat that are used. Grilling food is most often done quickly over moderate to direct high heat with little smoke. While barbecuing food is done more slowly over indirect low heat, so that the food is flavored by the smoking process. There are different barbecue sauces and flavors to use, and different ways of barbecuing depending where in the world you are. Barbecue sauce, also known as BBQ sauce for short is the sauce recipe that is used as a flavoring, marinade, basting or topping for meat and vegetable that are cooked on a barbecue cooking apparatus. Barbecue sauce can also be added to recipes that won't be cooked on the grill.

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